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The Rules are simple: Take this and put it in your journal, fill it out, and tag ten! Simple as that! You can make up a character all your own or base it off of your life story. Well, your life story if you suddenly had superpowers.

1: The first thing you gotta do when you get superpowers is pick out your name. (After playing with them a little bit, of course.) What's yours?
2: Since that would just look ridiculous on your tax returns, you've gotta have an alter ego. What is it? (Don't worry-your secret's safe with us!)
Emily Anderson

3: Mhm. Well, you're a dashing young thing. Bet you look even better in comic book ink! Tell the folks what you look like, kid.
Long blonde hair worn in a braid, longish legs, normalish height…

4: And the superhero suit? Come on, that's the best part! *gasp!* Does it have spandex?
Sry, no spandex, but it is mostly black and has a ton of  pockets!
5: Oh, right! The superpowers! ...what are they again?
I am a shape shifter

6: What? REALLY?! How'd that happen?!
It has been that way since I was born. My parents were shape shifters too. Humans population has made us flee though.

7:...right. What's your day job, kid? Saving the world doesn't exactly keep the fridge running.
I train animals

8: How's that old arch-nemisis of yours? Still trying to terrorize the good citizens of your hometown?
Grr, what a bother, at least they are too stupid to do any harm XD

9: Do they keep you busy keeping the streets safe or do you have to deal with other villains as well?
I deal with anything that comes my way!!!

10: On the other hand, who's you're love interest?
My lovely dog, it is a leonberger.

11: Tell us all about them! What they're like, what they do, their looks, if you've finally got up the courage to ask them to the movies Friday night?
She loves to play fetch and do tricks. She is big even for a leonberger and we are too busy to go to the movies!!!

12: If you're not married to them, is there any competition for that seat next to them at the movies? If there is, who is it?
Well, I have seen her cuddling with the cat….I am suspicious…

12: Do they know? You know, about the superpowers?
Duh, it is like the 5th sense!!

13: You know who does know about your powers? Your sidekick! Who are they, if you've got one?
Bear my dog of course

14: And what are they like?

15: Yup, sounds like them. Do you have a top secret lair?
Why should I tell you? 0.o

16: And what's your town like? Ridden with crime or just random attacks?
Was ridden with crime… but I am working on it 

Now that these folks know a little more about you, let's start a quick press conference.

17: What does the press think about you? How about the citizens?
They don't know anything!!!!!!!!!

18: Are you good at your job? Have you not been able to save someone?
I save as many as I can, they a few more :D

19: Your iconic picture? Every superhero has one.
Girl with a ton of animals

20: Talking about iconic, what about that kiss?
Umm… what?

21: Do you like the crime fighting part or the hero part better?
Crime fighting, defiantly better

22: How many people have asked you to marry them since you became a hero?
Please refer to #17 XD

23: What's life like at home?
Home, what's that?

24: What have you done that you regret the most?
Pickle ice cream, don't try it, seriously

25: Any cool gadgets or just your powers?
Well, since I can become what I want that isn't really nessasary…

26: Anyone hold any grudges against you?
What a silly question!!!...of course I do 

27: How do you get bloodstains off of your suit? Is your drycleaner in on the secret as well?
Why is there blood?

So here's a couple situations that may come up as a result of your powers. What would you do?

1: You're in a dark alley. How'd you get there? No idea. But there's some pretty suspicious guys headed your way and-is that a gun?! It's pointed right at you! You see a security camera in the corner of the alleyway. Which wouldn't be much of a problem except for the fact that you're in your everyday clothes! What do you do?
I can kick butt in any form :D Chaaaa!!!!!!

2: You're out to dinner-or just hanging out, depending on how that movie date's coming-with your romantic interest.
A: But you've gotten into a fight. Something about how you're always flaking or how they don't like how someone was looking at you or visa versa.Suddenly, there's a breaking news report about a bank robbery downtown. "That's just three minutes away!" You think, knowing that you could save all those people. But you're in the middle of a huge fight. How do you explain running off again? What do you do?
I am sure that Bear would understand

3: Okay, okay. You got drunk. Totally normal thing for you young people to do, right? Well, through that massive headache of yours, you remember that somewhere around drink #5, you started spilling your guts to someone. Everything. All about your superhero life. Problem is, you have no idea who. Or what they'll do with that information. What do you do?
Drunk? I saw a scary guy once and my mommy said that he was drunk. o.o

4: Oh no! Your enemies teamed up against you and plotted their revenge. (Like villains do.) So they set a couple disasters into play. At the same time. On one side of town, they're holding a school bus full of children hostage and on the other a train is headed straight for a business complex-you know, the one that employs half the town? Yeah. So what do you do?
Bear can hold her own, she says we should split up.

5: One last one. How do you end this meme? (Signing an autograph, kissing whatstheirface, flying off into the sunset, playing with your powers, etc?)
Um… I gotta go… all these questions are scaring me… (suddenly you see a mouse scampering away)


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I'm a college kid who uses art as a form of getaway! I enjoy photography and drawing and trying other artsy things as well.


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